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Student Immigration

The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration office (UKVI) are responsible for issuing visas to students wishing to study at Bucks New University who are from outside the United Kingdom (UK), other European Economic Area (EEA) countries or Switzerland.

Tier 4 (general) student
Visas are issued on the points based system. If you achieve the required points and satisfy the full requirements of the Immigration Rules you may be issued with a ‘Tier 4 (General) Student Visa’. You are considered to be an 'Adult Student' if you are over 16 years old.

At the time of writing you require a total of 40 points to obtain a visa. Having a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from Bucks gives you 30 points and having enough money to cover course fees and monthly living costs whilst you study in the UK gives you an additional 10 points.

To check if you need a UK visa or to access an visa application form please visit the Home Office UKVI website. There are also many UKVI offices around the world where you can apply.

For information on the following topics or any other queries you have on applying for a visa, please look at the Home Office UKVI website.

  • Whether or not you require a visa
  • How to apply
  • Where to apply
  • To access the application form
  • To obtain information on how to achieve the required points
  • For visa application fee information
  • Evidence required to apply

Please note that information on the Bucks website is correct at the time of publishing, and should be used for guidance only as visa requirements change regularly. For specific details and requirements, please always refer to the UKVI website.

Visas and CAS
If you are an EEA (European Economic Area) national you are unlikely to require a visa to study in the UK, but check with the local British High Commission or the Embassy. If you are a non EU or EEA student you will most likely require a visa to study in the UK.

You can contact UKVI for further detailed information about whether you require a visa and the application process or check on

The visa process
It is a requirement that students coming into the UK to study and who need a visa, apply for one under Tier 4 of the points based system.  For up-to-date information about the points based system visa application procedure please see the UKVI website. In order to get a visa to study in the UK you will need to satisfy the necessary criteria as outlined by the UKVI.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Below is the process undertaken to receive your CAS from Bucks through to becoming a student with us.

  1. You accept your unconditional offer from Bucks, making you ‘Unconditional Firm’ (UF).
  2. Complete the tuition fee payment schedule included in your offer letter and return to us with your deposit or full tuition fees by the stipulated date.
  3. The CAS will be sent to you after the money paid has cleared in Bucks' bank account
  4. If your visa is granted you will be expected to travel to the UK for studies with us and to enrol. Please note – no refund is available if you do not arrive for your studies once your visa has been issued.

Please note: If after applying for a course, you are refused a study visa, any fees paid will be refunded less bank charges. A refund will only be made on the production of written evidence from the relevant British Diplomatic Post that a visa could not be obtained.

Important information
In accordance with UKVI regulations, institutions are now obliged to inform the UKVI of any international student who obtains a study visa and does not enrol or who fails to attend after enrolling. This also applies to any international student who withdraws or is withdrawn from their studies. Please note this action is very serious and will put your immigration status in the UK at risk.

Please contact for more information.