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Nurse placements

Clinical Experience
When you go out into practice a clinical staff member will provide mentorship, supervise your experience and assess that you are meeting the requirements of the course. All other health professionals and staff members will also contribute to your learning experience, so it will benefit you to engage with the multidisciplinary team.

In addition to this, at Bucks we are renowned for the support we provide to our students whilst they are out on clinical experience. Members of the teaching staff from Bucks are assigned to each clinical area to support students when they go out to practice.

Our clinical experience areas
You will spend 50 per cent of the course at the University and the other 50 per cent of the course out on clinical experience at one of our local NHS trusts or independent care partners.
Our clinical experience areas are spread over a large area in north west and central London (adult, children’s and mental health), Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (children’s) and have therefore been organised into home bases, each centred on one of the major hospitals within the region.

Your allocated home base will be where you will complete the majority of your clinical experience, although if you are studying either children’s or mental health nursing you will need to undertake your practice throughout the specific NHS region to ensure that you get a full range of experiences. Your home base will remain the same for the duration of the course.

During your induction week, you will be asked to complete a home base preference form. However, please be aware that you may not be offered your first choice of home base, due to availability of places.

The Faculty of Society & Health prides itself on the close links established with the clinical areas in its surrounding NHS trusts, both hospital and community-based.

Our courses aim to produce competent and dynamic graduates in the fields of adult, children’s and mental health nursing.

For more information regarding what life is like when you are out on clinical experience, please watch our placements video.

Frequently asked questions concerning clinical experience

How many hours a week do I have to complete on clinical experience?
Degree students are expected to complete 37.5 hours per week and postgraduate diploma students are expected to
complete 38 hours per week.

What shifts am I likely to do?
You will be expected to follow the shift patterns of your mentor. This may include early (7am-3pm), late (1pm-
9pm), long days (7am-9pm) and night shifts (8pm-8am).

Times given are approximate as areas vary slightly. You will also be expected to work one weekend in three.

Will I be expected to work night shifts?
All second and third year students are expected to work some night shifts in each clinical area that provides 24
hours care. First year students do not have to experience night duty, unless you wish to undertake a few nights
working alongside your mentor.

Will all my clinical experience be at the hospital?
You will experience health and social care in a variety of settings which may include learning disabilities, community
care, nursing homes, independent hospitals and prisons.

Partner Trusts

We work very hard to deliver the best education to our nursing students. You will benefit from our close links with established clinical areas in surrounding NHS Trusts, both hospitals and community-based.

These Trusts comprise:

These placements are in addition to the Trusts with which we work in partnership through our contract with NHS London:

In addition to these current Trusts, we have also been successful in being appointed to provide nurse education to the below NHS Trust