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The Big Deal

The Big Deal 2016FREE Entertainment and Events
What? Our gigs, club nights, comedy, cultural nights, theme parties and events are free for Bucks students. We’re open every night and there’s something for everyone.
Why? We believe an active and varied social life is a key ingredient in becoming a well-rounded graduate. Mixing with new people and sharing new experiences is important.

FREE Sports
What? The Students’ Union provides you with the opportunity to play sport against other universities in a variety of national leagues. You’ll have opportunities to play on a friendly basis and compete in our annual Varsity fixture. Whatever your standard, our squads will welcome you to come along and train with around 40 different teams in over 20 different sports.
Why? Apart from the obvious health benefits, the friendship groups you develop and the pride that comes with representing your university, it’s also a great opportunity to enhance your CV. What’s more, you’ll also enhance your teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

FREE Societies
What? Societies offer the opportunity to get together with like-minded individuals. Getting involved in a society or creating a new one will give you the opportunity to try something new.
Why? By getting involved in a society, you not only get to participate in an activity or event that you enjoy, you’ll also have an opportunity to help shape and develop the society. This not only ensures the longevity of the society but also looks great on your CV.

FREE Recreational Activities
What? We offer a wide range of recreational activities, from one-off classes and taster sessions to guest speakers and demonstrations.
Why? Getting involved in lots of different activities opens up new experiences and friendship groups. You can learn skills that could benefit you in your future career, start a hobby for life or maybe just pass the time and give yourself a welcome break from your studies!

PAID Student Reps and an Enhanced Student Rep Scheme
What? Student reps are elected to give feedback in university meetings and in more formal settings. They take their views and those of their classmates and pass on concern and praise to their tutors.
Why? Student reps help to enhance the quality of our courses. They are involved in shaping the curriculum and can help to affect positive change. If you become a student rep, you’ll significantly improve your CV, and you’ll pick up new communication, leadership and time management skills. You’ll learn lots about education, and you’ll represent students and run campaigns.

FREE Additional Skills Workshops and Training
What? It's vital that when you graduate you have more on your CV than a degree. To boost the employability of our students, we provide an Additional Skills Programme.
Why? In the past we have held sessions on public speaking, emergency first aid, personal licence holder, interview skills, and how to put your skills into your CV.