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Postgraduate applications

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For postgraduate courses, you can apply directly to us by completing an application form.

If you are an international student looking to apply to Bucks please see our international students section.

In order for us to process your application efficiently, please attach all supporting documents such as evidence of qualifications (certificate copies), passport (including visa stamp if appropriate) and reference/s.

Please note: If you would like to apply for MSc Social Work, PGDip Nursing (Adult) and PGDip Nursing (Mental Health), you should apply through UCAS; see our undergraduate applications section for advice and guidance or call 0800 0565 660.  

Once you have completed your application form, please return it to us by email to:

or post it to:

Admissions and Recruitment
Student Experience Directorate
Buckinghamshire New University
Queen Alexandra Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2JZ

If you are applying directly for a course within the Faculty of Society & Health, please return your completed application form to:

or post it to:

Marketing and Recruitment
Buckinghamshire New University
Uxbridge Campus
106 Oxford Road

Postgraduate application procedure

1. Application form

1. Complete your application form following the guidance above and any supportive notes you have. Once your application is ready, send it with all your supportive paperwork via email to or fax to our admissions office on +44 (0) 1494 605 023.

2. Review of your application

2. Upon receipt of your application, we will send you a card to acknowledge we have received your information. We may contact you to clarify information, send any further documentation or to inform you of any interviews or other criteria we will need you to meet.

3. Decision

3. Once we have reviewed your application, we will confirm our decision with you. The decision could be one of the following:

  • Unconditional; which means you have to meet no additional academic criteria to be accepted on the course. Please make sure to accept our decision by returning the reply slip to us so your place is confirmed.
  • Conditional; which means you have to meet additional academic criteria, such as passing a course, or completing a qualification to be accepted on the course. You will need to accept our decision by returning the reply slip to us so your place is confirmed, even if you are still waiting for your conditions to be met. If your offer is ‘conditional’, we would expect you to email your paperwork once you meet the criteria we have given, so that we can confirm you have met your conditions. Once you have met the criteria, you will be classified as ‘unconditional’. If you are not able to meet the conditions of our offer, or cannot provide evidence within a suitable timeframe, your application will be rejected. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change in circumstance. We are very happy to provide detailed feedback to help you with any future applications you wish to make.
  • Rejected; which means that you do not meet the entry criteria, and we would not be able to continue with your application any further at this time.

4. Accepting your offer

4. Once you have gained your unconditional offer and accepted the place firmly with us, you will be provided with full joining instructions to enable you to enrol onto your chosen course.

Further information

Our Student Recruitment and Admissions Team is here to guide and advise you through the entire application process, from advice on your application right through to enrolment. 

If you have any queries, or would like further information, please contact our Student Recruitment and Admissions Team.

Tel: 0800 0565 660 or +44 (0) 1494 605 259

If you are an international student looking to apply to Bucks, please see our 'international students' section.