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A-level reform

A-level curriculum changes

We know that you may be wondering how changes in the delivery of your ‘A’ levels may affect your future university application, in particular how we will treat the new ‘AS’ level given that it will no longer contribute towards the final ‘A’ level grade.

Each university may vary in its approach but we hope that you will find our advice supportive at this early stage.

Bucks New University will remain flexible with its admissions criteria and our offer requirements will continue to reflect the individual nature of the course. This means that we will accept the AS qualification as part of our offer on selected courses as we do now; you should therefore check our individual course requirements via the UCAS website in the first instance.

We will also continue to base our offer to you on the UCAS tariff points system. Therefore if you are applying to us in the academic year 2016-2017 for entry to the University in September 2017, your offer will reflect the new points system being introduced by UCAS.

You need to remember that in the new tariff the revised ‘AS’ level is allocated points worth 40% of an ‘A’ level. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding your university admission via