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Top 10 essential things to bring to University

Acommodation infographic

1. Bedding - Make sure your tootsies don't get cold by bringing a set of bedding with you. We'd suggest you don't let your mum choose it though, she might think that taking your childhood sheets would be super cute but your flatmates might think otherwise!

2. Crockery and cutlery - Try not to bring a whole new meaning to the term 'eating out of your hand'. There's a lot to be said for saving on washing up but we'd highly recommend having at least one plate, one bowl, one mug and a knife, fork and spoon!

3. Desktop/laptop computer - More than just the piece of equipment that's going to help you grind out those assignments in the wee small hours, your laptop will be your lifeline at uni; provider of internet solutions to life's problems, keeper of all your hard work, access to your tutors online feedback and bringer of online entertainment - just don't forget to buy a TV licence!

4. Chargers - Your second lifeline at uni.. "My laptop ran out of battery" won't wash as an excuse with lectures so make sure you've got chargers for all the gadgets and gizmos you're bound to bring with you.

5. Hangers - Chances are you'll have more than five items of clothing with you so unless you're happy to use the floor as a wardrobe it's a good idea to bring a few hangers with you. There may be some in your room but not enough to keep up with your fashionista wardrobe.

6. Important documents - You've been accepted onto your dream course at your chosen university and life's peachy. Make sure you bring your university admissions and course acceptance letters with you though, you don't want any hold ups when you get here. ID and bank cards will be handy too!

7. Laundry bag - There's nothing worse than bringing mates back to your room to impress them with cool photos of your recent travels round the world, only to find a stray pair of dirty pants in the middle of the floor. Get yourself a laundry bag to keep all your dirty undies at bay. Plus it's a handy transportation device come washing day!

8. Posters and pictures from home - Unless the hospital room look is your thing we'd recommend bringing some pictures and posters from home for the pinboards. Not only will they brighten up your room they're also a great conversation starter with your new roomies.

9. Stationery - Everyone loves a bit of stationery but there's no need to buy up a whole shop. You'll need a notebook, a selection of pens and a folder or two but don't go crazy until you know what you're going to need for your course.

10. Towels - The 'naked dash' is unlikely to feature as an Olympic sport any time soon so there's no need for drip-dry training sprints from the shower. We'd recommend bringing a few bath towels with you, as well as tea towels for the occasions when you do wash up your plate and mug.

Above all remember that coming to uni is a fun, exciting time. Don't panic if you get here and find you've forgotten something, we're based right in the centre of town so there are plenty of shops for you to explore and pick up any essentials you accidentally left behind.

Happy packing!