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Our Libraries

The library service is here to offer students a wide range of learning resources including:

  • full text online and print journals
  • print and e-books
  • The Bucks Knowledge Archive - a digital repository of research output from Bucks.

On our High Wycombe Campus the library is situated in the impressive Gateway building and has four floors, offering Wi-Fi and computer access, flexible study areas and generous opening hours.

At Uxbridge we have specialist resources for our Health and Nursing Students, offering Wi-Fi, computer access, and flexible study areas.

We also offer:

  • an online search tool
  • a virtual helpdesk
  • laptop loans
  • inter-library loans.

Find us on social media:

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The University libraries are not open to members of the general public. For details please see our external library users page.

If you are a current student or staff member please visit the current students and staff portal.