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Bucks Essentials – 2016 entrants

Bucks Essentials

Who is eligible?

All first year undergraduate, full time, home and EU students paying the £9000 tuition fee rate and studying at our High Wycombe And Uxbridge Campuses, are eligible for the £150 package

What is it worth? £150 in your first year starting in September 2016.
How do I register for it?

Step 1: Once you enrol, you will receive an email which will be sent to your University email account.
Step 2: The amount you receive is based on your specific course through Bucks Essentials and is shown in the e-mail along with instructions on how to activate your account.

Step 3: To spend your funds, login to using your new account details and you can start buying your course books and equipment

What can I spend my funds on? You can spend your funds across a wide variety of products including books, art supplies, digital products and other learning materials.
Is this a loan? Do I have to pay it back? Your Bucks Essential fund is not a loan and you do not have to pay it back. Any funds in your account expire on the 31st July 2017.

For information please contact