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Social Science & Social Work

Most students pay for their studies though loans and grants. Depending on your method of study, education and loan history as well as other varying criteria you may be eligible for some level of support.
This section covers the most common financial student support through loans via student finance and professional bank loans.
If you are looking for student support but are not sure what is available to suit your circumstances, your first stop should be

Advanced Home Visiting Skills

Improve your awareness and skills to carry out safe and professional home visits. This three day course includes a simulation day of real-life scenarios with actors, video-recorded for evaluation and feedback. This course is aimed at practitioners and managers who are working in child protection or adult safeguarding.


Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding (MSc)

This is currently the only master's course in the UK that covers the safeguarding of both children and adults. You'll gain a unique perspective on how to improve the lives of society's most vulnerable people and make a difference in cases of extreme, entrenched, or multi-generational abuse and neglect.


Critical Practice in Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding

On this course you will undertake a critical analysis of practice in both child protection and adult safeguarding. You will discuss and examine policy changes and context for safeguarding, communication with vulnerable individuals and service user rights. This course is aimed at established professionals in a range of professions including nursing, health visiting, midwifery, social work, education and early years, police, psychotherapy, medicine, and outreach or engagement work.


Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural therapy

This part-time course introduces you to the fundamentals of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model. The course covers background and origins of CBT, theoretical principles and the CBT process.


Mental Health and Well-Being in Education (MSc)

This course prepares professionals who either work in, or are in support of the education system, to understand multi-disciplinary leading-edge evidence and interventions that may influence mental health and well-being in their current work, and to use leadership skills to influence change.


Practice Educator Professional Stage 1

This course is designed for social workers and provides the initial professional qualification required to work with pre-qualifying social work students in practice. It will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to assess students and other learners.


Practice Educator Professional Stage 2

This programme is designed for qualified and experienced social workers who have already met the requirements for Stage 1 of PEPS. On successful completion of this course you will be able to take full responsibility for the teaching and assessment of a final year placement social work student or other learner who is being assessed against professional social work criteria.


Safeguarding Study Days

We offer a range of safeguarding study days designed to train healthcare professionals in many aspects of patient safeguarding, including different types of abuse and how to recognise them; sharing information; and international policy issues. Students attending these courses include nurses, medical professionals, allied health professionals, social workers, and teachers and education professionals. Courses are offered at Level 3, 4 and 5.


The Care Certificate

This course has been designed in collaboration with various stakeholders (HENWL, GP federations, Service User) and consists of 15 standards of competence which are assessed in the work place through portfolio/workbook completion.