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Clearing Case Studies

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Clearing has been a successful and positive experience for many of our students, who used the process for a number of reasons.

Hannah Wilcock always knew she wanted to work in hospitality but soon realised the roles she was applying for required a degree for entry.

Following his A level results Imran Salim decided that going to university and getting a degree to study Criminology and Sociology would be the best route to a good career.

Determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a barrister, Oyindamola Oladejo secured her place at Bucks New University through Clearing in 2013 to study Law.

Read about these and other students' experiences with the Clearing process below:

Victoria Basoah - Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care

Victoria Basoah applied through clearing to study for a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care at Bucks New University.

“During my A Levels I had decided that I wanted to go into nursing. However, on results day I didn’t get the grades that I had hoped for, so I began working as a Care Assistant whilst I considered my options. I had been working as a Care Assistant for a few years, researching courses in the meantime, when I came upon the Foundation degree in Health and Social Care at Bucks New University.Victoria Basoah

“The course was a perfect fit for me; I met the entry requirements and it perfectly matched the interests that I had developed through the requirements of my job. I thought that it would be the ideal course to broaden my horizons and career prospects in an area that I was interested in, and in which I already had work experience.

“I was quite scared when I rang up to go through Clearing. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you aren’t sure if there are places available on the course you want. Because I had done my research, I had my heart set on the Foundation degree, so it was a panic-inducing moment making the call! Luckily the admissions team confirmed that I was suitable for the course, and arranged my interview. The woman interviewing me, and the team in general, were great, and really put my mind at ease. I received confirmation of my acceptance onto the course that same day.

“My time here so far has been brilliant, it’s gone so quickly! In a matter of months I have begun to feel so much more independent, and I’ve really enjoyed what I have been learning and all of the work. A particular highlight for me was the beginning of the course, when all of the Health and Social Care students met each other. I was quite apprehensive, but it was great to meet people who were coming from similar situations, and had similar interests to me. Even though I don’t live on campus, it’s been incredibly easy to meet people and make friends.

“Studying at Bucks New has exceeded all of my expectations, both academically and professionally. I was initially worried about the rigours of being a student, but studying here has opened my mind up to so many possibilities, and helped me focus on what I want to do in the future. The support of my tutors has been very important, as they knew of my prior work experience and have encouraged me to think about a career in care home management. I wouldn’t have considered this before coming here, but now it seems like the perfect next step for me following my degree. I’m now looking forward to the rest of my degree, and exploring my options further with regards to my future career.”

Hannah Wilcock - BA (Hons) Event and Festival Management

Hannah Wilcock secured her place on the BA (Hons) Event and Festival Management course at Buckinghamshire New University after applying through Clearing in 2013.

"I had never really intended to go to university but when I was doing my A-levels I applied just because it seemed like everyone else was," explained Hannah, "My results weren't as good as I had hoped and so I wasn't able to secure a place, something I thought was a blessing in disguise at the time.Hannah Wilcock

"I always knew I wanted to work in hospitality but soon realised as I was applying for lots of different jobs in the industry that they were all looking for people who had degrees. After a year of struggling to get my foot in the door I decided to think again about going to university; by this stage I had missed the UCAS deadline and so automatically went into Clearing.

"Before going into Clearing I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and where I wanted to go. I was looking for a big, social university and had my heart set on one particular institution. On the day however, the admissions team weren't very helpful, didn't know anything about my course and put me on hold for 45 minutes. While I was on hold I had a look at other places that were offering courses in events and hospitality and came across Bucks New Uni. I hadn't heard of the university before but the course sounded perfect for me so I gave them a call.

"The team at Bucks were really friendly and talked to you like you were a human being! I hadn't visited the campus and was initially put off by the fact that it was quite a small university when I initially wanted to go to a big, city campus. The person I spoke to was really helpful, not selling me something that wasn't true just to get me to pick Bucks but helping me to see the benefits of what the campus had to offer. Now I am here I love it! You see people you recognise all the time and everyone is really friendly. With only 60 people on my course you also get more one-on-one time with your lecturers and it just feels a lot more personal.

"I have really enjoyed my first year at university. It has been great to meet lots of new people and just to grow up and become more independent. My course has been everything I hoped for and has reaffirmed that hospitality is the career for me.

"My advice to students applying through Clearing would be to look at the whole package of the university and not just focus on one option. My initial choice was made because I wanted to be at a big university with lots of nightlife, but having come to a smaller university I can't now imagine studying anywhere else." 

Maddie Edelsten - BA International Tourism Management with Air Travel

Maddie Edelsten (BA International Tourism Management with Air Travel) decided to pursue her interests with a course at Bucks New University, and hasn’t looked back since.

“When I finished school I wasn’t that interested in going to university. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, so I decided to work full time. I spent two years working, during which time I was able to identify my interests and passions. I’d always been very keen on tourism and travel, and it was on holiday last summer that I made the decision that I wanted to take these interests further and go on to study at university.Maddie Edelsten

“My decision to go to university was made quite quickly, so I didn’t have time to go down the conventional UCAS route. I was very eager to make sure that the course I wanted was definitely available through Clearing so that I could start the application process, so I ended up ringing up too early and being told to call back the following Monday!

“I rang again first thing, at 9am, and sent through all of my application documents. I wanted to make sure that my certificates had been received, so I rang again at noon. Whilst on the phone, I was told that they were reviewing my application right then and there, and if I held for a few minutes then I’d know if my application had been successful! I held, and a couple of minutes later I was told that I’d been accepted. That day was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster; I was so excited to have got on to the course, but nervous about leaving my job. However, the excitement about doing something that I really wanted to do outweighed my nerves.

“I chose Bucks New for several reasons. It is very close to where I live, which meant that I could live at home whilst studying and not have to relocate. My mum had studied for her degree at Bucks and I knew a few people on courses there as well, and I’d heard nothing but good things about the university.

“My experience at Bucks has exceeded all of my expectations. I hadn’t initially given much thought to the social aspect of university, thinking that I would go there, get my degree and that would be it. However, my experience couldn’t have been more different. I’ve joined the netball society, am a student ambassador, and have made so many great friends. I’ve been able to have the best of both worlds here; really enjoying my studies but having a great social life as well.

“I’m having a great time at Bucks, and I can’t wait to see what opportunities my degree here will bring me. At the moment I’m unsure of what area I want to get into within the travel industry, but I’m looking into summer jobs in order to build up my experience of the professional side of things. Right now my sights are set on working in air traffic control, but each day my course throws up so many new and interesting things that this could well have changed by next week!”

Oyindamola Oladejo - LLB (Hons) Law

Determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a barrister, Oyindamola Oladejo secured her place at Bucks New University through Clearing in 2013 to study Law.

"Results day was really stressful for me," admits Oyindamola, "I had my heart set on Nottingham Trent which was my first choice and when I found out I hadn't got in I was really disappointed. I hadn't done any preparation for going into Clearing and hadn't looked at any possibly alternatives.Oyindamola Oladejo

"The teachers at my 6th form college advised me to do a Business Law course and to try and change across to a Law course in my second year so I talked to the admissions team at Huddersfield and they gave me an offer. I didn't really want to start on a Business Law course because that wasn't what interested me and it is not a path I want to follow in my career so before accepting the offer I had another look around.

"I was actually going to apply for Bucks first time around but didn't do much research into it and decided just to apply for five universities. When I saw that Bucks still had some places on their Law course in Clearing I knew I had to give them a call because I had started to give up hope of being able to study Law. The admissions team were really friendly and helpful, putting me at ease and answering all the questions I had.

"Now that I am coming to the end of my first year my course has been even better than I had expected. I had wanted to go to a much bigger university but going to a smaller department has definitely worked in my advantage. All the lecturers have an open door policy and are always available to offer advice and support for both work and personal issues. It is generally a much more personal approach and I know I wouldn't have had the same experience if I had gone to a law school with 200 students in each year group.

"One of the highlights for me this year has been becoming a student rep. If anyone in my class had any problems with the course or the university as a whole they would come to me and it was my responsibility to help them resolve it. I also had to attend regular meetings with the lecturers and other staff in the department to act as the voice for the students providing feedback from my class. I even became a senior rep, overseeing all the other student reps in my department. This was a great responsibility but has really taught me a lot and given me an experience that I know will help me when I get a job.

"For students going through Clearing without a back-up plan already in mind my advice would be to be persistent. Not getting into your first choice shouldn't stop you from doing the course you really want to do. It is a knock and you may feel like maybe you should be following a different path but if you are focused and determined then you will find a way to get there." 

Imran Salim - BA in Business and Marketing Management

Imran Salim applied to Bucks New University through clearing after setting his sights on a new start.

“Initially I didn’t actually want to go to university. I didn’t do too well in my A Levels, and didn’t see the benefit of it for me personally. However, following my results I started to think about things a bit more carefully, and decided that going to university and getting a degree would be the best way to get a good career later on in life.Imran Salim

“I was quite nervous about the process of going through Clearing, but a friend of mine convinced me. He had applied to Bucks, and knew a lot about the university. He told me that the clearing process was very easy, and inspired me to apply myself. Having a friend who was doing the same thing was a great help, and made me start to think about university in a different way.

“My friend was right; the Clearing process was nothing to be worried about. I applied for Criminology and Sociology, because I had enjoyed Sociology during my A Levels. The admissions team asked for my grades, and asked a few other questions, before accepting me. On starting my course in September, I knew that Bucks New was the right place for me. I immediately got involved in the student experience, and have really enjoyed being a Bucks student.

“I’m originally from South London, so coming to Bucks was a bit of a change, but being in such a new and different environment allowed me to better explore my interests. After a while I came to realise that perhaps Criminology wasn’t the course for me. Thinking back, I’d always had an interest in business, and been surrounded by business-minded people from an early age. I made the request to change to a BA in Business and Marketing Management, which again was a bit nerve wracking because I had to apply to the Head of Business and convince her to accept me onto the course. She was extremely helpful, but thorough! She wanted to make sure that I had a keen interest in business, and looked through my past assignments and grades to make sure that the course was right for me. Luckily, I was accepted!

“I think that the ease of changing my course, and the Clearing process as a whole, really sums up what Bucks New is all about. Everyone here is very supportive, and they want to help you to achieve. University is definitely what you make it, and since starting here I’ve been keen to get involved in all aspects of student life. I joined the Boxing Society, and have since been featured in the Bucks Free Press due to fighting with the High Wycombe Amateur Boxing Club. I’m the first student from Bucks New to ever do this, and I’m really proud of the achievement. I’m also a Student Ambassador, which is great fun.

“The opportunities don’t just stop outside of your studies either. For example, this summer I’m going to China to do an internship with a global PR, advertising and marketing company. It’s something that I’d never have imagined doing before coming to uni, and I really can’t wait. In the future I’d like to have my own marketing company, so this is all great experience.

“I’m so glad that my friend convinced me to apply to Bucks New through Clearing. I love uni, and can’t wait to see what opportunities it brings me next.”