At Bucks New University, we are dedicated to equipping our graduates with the skills employers demand. We will work with you using our practice-based learning expertise to support your training needs.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are a partnership between industry and higher education institutions set up to help meet the needs of employers. They also provide a flexible way for employees to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities that higher education can offer them.

At Bucks, we change lives through employment-focused teaching which enables our students to achieve their ambitions. As a small and personal university, we offer an agile approach to apprenticeship training needs by offering blended learning and residential courses; designed to suit the way you work.

If you have any questions please contact the Apprenticeship Hub or call 01296 744202, or take a look at a full list of Bucks New University apprenticeship programmes here or complete this enquiry form.

“We are excited to work with employers to provide more people with access to Higher Education through our 'Earn as you learn' alternative to our traditional degree programme" Professor Rebecca Bunting, Vice-Chancellor Bucks New University