Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nurses are at the forefront of facilitating change, providing support and dealing with people of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds. They need to have developed a sense of self and be able to meet the challenge of uncertainty.

We offer an excellent standard of teaching with continuous support throughout the course, both in the University and in practice. You will be taught by an experienced, committed and dedicated team who have worked in a wide variety of clinical specialities and education roles.

You will spend 50 per cent of the programme gaining clinical experience at one of our local NHS Trusts or independent care partners. During this experience you will undertake 37.5 hours per week in practice, and will be supported by a clinical staff member.

Successful completion of the degree means you will gain an academic qualification and also be eligible to register as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) allowing you to practice in the UK and overseas.

  • We are the first university in England to provide mental health students with the ALERT Programme (Acute Life-Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment). This programme is designed to help health care professionals to “recognise the ‘at risk’ patient, to identify organ impairment and/or failure at an early stage, to initiate the simple treatment required to prevent the spiralling cascade of multi-organ failure, and to improve the communication skills required to facilitate further care” (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (2012) ALERT: A Multi-Professional Course in Care of the Acutely Ill Patient – 3rd Edition. Portsmouth:  Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust).
  • We have a fully functional simulation suite with an operating theatre and recovery room/high dependency unit, and a three-bed clinical/ward environment.
  • From April 1 2015, Band 5 Nurses can expect a starting salary of *£21,692
  • Our nursing students are highly respected within the trusts
  • We are renowned for the support that we provide, and on average academic staff spend 20 per cent of their time in clinical practice supporting their students.

*may be subject to change

We offer clinical experience in a variety of settings. The main NHS trusts we work with include:

  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Central and North West London
  • NHS Foundation Trust
  • West London Mental Health NHS Trust
  • We also place students in a wide variety of independent placements, including private hospitals and clinics, prisons and nursing homes.