Social Work & Integrated Care

Do you have what it takes to be a Social Worker?

Drawing on studies of society, psychology, social policy, sociology and law, as well as professional social work practice, the social work programmes at Bucks explore the balance between an individual's place in society and the effect of society upon individuals. The course also looks at how effective social work empowers people to take control of their lives.

Whether you undertake the degree or master's programme, our courses of professional training are designed to challenge and support you in the acquisition of both fundamental and higher level skills, as well as helping you to achieve personal academic growth and professional development.

Social work is an evolving profession, and at Bucks you'll have the opportunities, experiences and encouragement to create the foundation for a successful career.

We aim to give you the experience you need to succeed at whatever level your ambition takes you to, and we hope that you'll take the next step to achieving your goals with us.

Our exciting courses will be of interest to people who are planning a career in, or already working in a range of health and social care settings. This may include residential care homes, day care centres, nursing homes, voluntary organisations, or agencies providing domiciliary care for vulnerable, elderly and disabled groups.

You could be working with a range of different people and our courses provide the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge and skills in care and social care.

The learning is structured around your present or future employment, and has been planned with employers to meet the needs of the workforce in health and social care.