Nominations & Appointments

Schools are responsible for ensuring that nominations are identified and processed in a timely manner and in accordance with University and sector criteria for appointment. The Academic Registry maintains a database to assist colleagues in identifying potential clashes with existing appointed External Examiners which would contravene appointment criteria.

Nominations are recommended by the respective School and then formally approved by the External Examiner Approval Panel via delegated authority of Senate. Upcoming appointments are generally advertised through professional networks and/or the JISCmail external examiner discussion forum and email list.

Nominations initially run for up to four years and can be exceptionally extended for one further year. Appointments will normally run from 1 October to 30 September but this may vary depending on the requirements of the particular course of study.

Once the Panel has approved the appointment, the External Examiner will receive a letter detailing the start and finish dates of the appointment, the course or group of courses for which the External Examiner has responsibility and the expectations associated with the appointment.

The letter will also specify that remuneration is conditional upon the External Examiner properly carrying out their duties. This includes the timely submission of an Annual Report, and the completion of the required visits to the University or to students on placement.

Schools will also provide detailed information regarding the following:

  • Specific details regarding the modules for which an external examiner is responsible
  • Contact details for academic and administrative staff
  • Dates of Module and/or Assessment Boards where attendance is required

External examiners will also receive an outline of expected types and format of assessments to be examined, including anticipated sample size. This will be based on information available at the time of appointment and will be updated by the School annually when the delivery model for the year has been confirmed.

Eligibility to work in the UK
In order to comply with its legal duties under the Asylum and Immigration Act (1996) and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the University must ensure it has checked that any person undertaking paid work with the University, even if the work is not undertaken on a contract of employment, is eligible to work in the UK. The UKVI has published a Right to Work checklist which indicates the types of documentation used to confirm an individual's eligibility.

This information will be checked prior to the appointment being taken up and copies of documentation will be held within the Academic Registry and stored for the statutory period after the end of the appointment. Access to the copied documentation will be strictly limited and the University will only make this information available to HMRC and/or UKVI officials should they request it.

Further information is available on the UKVI Website.