Boards & Regulations

Module and Assessment Boards
Exam Boards at Bucks are normally a two-stage process and are divided between Module Boards and Assessment Boards. In some cases, particularly where there are small, self-contained courses, the two may be conflated.

  • Module Boards are where module marks are discussed and confirmed and module statistics are considered.
  • Assessment Boards are where individual student profiles are considered in accordance with University regulations. They also provide external examiners an opportunity to give verbal feedback on the course as a whole.

External examiners are an equal member of the relevant Board, whether at module, programme, award or other level. They are expected to confirm that decisions made are in accordance with the University's regulations, that all students are treated in an equitable manner, and to identify good practice and suggest how this can be disseminated.

If they are unable to attend a Board, external examiners are required to submit an In Absentia Report Form so that their comments can be taken into consideration and be included in the formal Board Record. All comments made at Boards should feed into the annual report.

UPDATE: For 2020, we have prepared a new May 2020 version of the In Absentia Report to enable examiners to comment on the University's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

University Policies and Regulations
All of the University's regulations, policies and procedures can be found at our Policies page. Directly relevant policies and regulations are linked here as Useful Documents.

External examiners may also wish to refer to our student facing Academic Advice pages and, in particular, the sections on Assessment and Examination and Results, where information on other university processes such as academic misconduct, appeals, exceptional circumstances, reasonable adjustments for disabled students, and fitness to practise may be located.