Committees are an essential part of university life. They help bring together staff and students from across the University to allow consensus and ownership in decision-making. Committees combine expertise gathered from several areas and help develop new ways of thinking. They are often required to take important (and sometimes difficult) decisions.

At Bucks, there are three separate bodies that have responsibility for the character, organisation and function of the University. These are: Council, the Senior Management Team (SMT), and Senate. The way in which these three bodies operate and connect with each other is fundamental to securing and improving quality and standards within the University.

These pages focus on Senate and its sub-committees. Senate is the University's senior deliberative committee and advises the Vice-Chancellor on the University's academic activities, including matters relating to the awarding of degrees. To assist it in carrying out its duties, Senate delegates authority for some of its responsibilities to its sub-committees. These are:

  • Academic Planning Committee (APC)
  • Education Committee (EDU)
  • Research and Enterprise Committee (REC)

On these pages you can find terms of references for these committees, a list of current members as well as past minutes and dates for future meetings.

If you would like more information on the way in which Senate and its sub-committees operate, or would like to explore the role of different members on a committee, please consult the Committees Handbook. For a diagram of the University's Deliberative Committees structure please see the University Governance: Committee constitutions and terms of reference formal document.