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The International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies

The Event Safety and Security Industry is becoming increasingly regulated and event organisers and planners need to ensure that they understand what is required when planning and managing safe and secure events. An enjoyable event experience and environment that meets customer expectations is a priority for businesses, whilst security and safety are of paramount concern.

The International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies at Bucks New University is world-renowned for providing first-class education and training to the security and crowd management industries, and is in existence to provide staff with the skills and knowledge to meet these regulations.

The knowledge generated by the Centre’s groundbreaking work on projects in the UK and overseas has been utilised to improve safety at a wide range of events.

Event Safety and Crowd Management at Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
A group of students and staff from Bucks New University attended the famous Roskilde Festival to work alongside the volunteers and staff at the event, to better understand crowd management and safety at one of Europe’s largest and busiest festivals in the music calendar. The video below captures the research carried out on site, including interviews with some of the Roskilde staff and behind the scenes access.

Testing the ‘Pressure Suit’ at Wembley Stadium and Roskilde Festival
Watch the video below for the behind the scenes footage of the development and testing of the unique press suit which has also been tested at major concert events including Green Day at Wembley Stadium and concerts by the Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Portishead, Radiohead, The Strokes, and Mastadan at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. These experiments have occurred at a range of venues including Wembley, the V Festival, the Milton Keynes Bowl and Roskilde in Denmark aim to give event security and crowd managers a picture of what’s happening at music or sport venues, religious festivals or transport hubs.


To support its activities focused on research, business development, training and education, the Centre operates in three main ways:

  • Centre staff and students carry out research and industrial projects, create reports and initiate and develop dialogue with a range of partners
  • University lecturers and company employees deliver business, leadership, management and other training programmes to those in industry
  • working in collaboration with the Centre, employers and training providers deliver training and education to companies, associations and government agencies across the world.

The creation and maintenance of partnerships plays a vital part in the success of the Centre. Partners are involved in a range of activities, including training, lecturing, examination delivery, practical projects and research (see below).

Organisations wishing to become partners or accredited training providers, or to work with the Centre in other ways, are considered according to criteria which emphasise quality assurance and enhancement. The Centre delivers quality procedures in line with the University, to ensure best practice and encourage recognition by relevant industry bodies.

Many of our renowned Crowd Management and Security courses are delivered as part-time distance learning courses, supported by on-site workshops.

Bucks features on Bang Goes The Theory on the BBC
A pressure vest developed by scientists at Buckinghamshire New University to gauge crowd density was illustrated in an episode of the BBC One programme 'Bang Goes The Theory' on the science of managing, predicting and understanding crowds of people. Programme-makers also filmed a mock-concert exercise involving around 100 students, including three Bucks New University students and one of the show's presenters, wearing the vests, to illustrate it in action. The pictures below are snapshots from the TV episode of the well known BBC series.

bang-goes-the-theory-1-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-2-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-3-thumbb
bang-goes-the-theory-5-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-6-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-8-thumbb
bang-goes-the-theory-9-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-10-thumbb bang-goes-the-theory-11-thumbb

The International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies is currently endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and recognised by a number of associations, governing bodies and government organisations.

The courses offered by the University and the ICCMSS are:

Former students have found our courses to be stimulating, informative and of great benefit in both their employment prospects and professional careers. Past and current students include crowd safety managers, event producers, venue safety managers, sports spectator managers, local authority licensing officers, tour safety managers, festival and concert promoters, police officers with event planning duties, health and safety officers, carnival organisers and medical services planners.

"The educational background work, coupled with practical experience and access to industry professionals, provided me with the underpinning knowledge and confidence to be employed in senior positions within the crowd and safety management industry."

Andrew Patton
Deputy Safety Officer, Southampton Football Club and part of the Crowd Safety Management team at Wembley Stadium (Wembley Suite)

“The foundation degree course overall was fantastic and I truly believe it has helped me and I would recommend to all in the industry.”

Chris Burr
Operations Manager West of Scotland
G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Limited – Events

“The BA (Hons) course has provided me with the stretch I was looking for. Very interesting modules with knowledgeable lecturers and assignments that ensure you develop your understanding further. I would definitely recommend this to other crowd safety professionals.”

Gary Masters
Security and Traffic Operations Manager
Venue Management

“The bachelor degree should be the way forward for all event safety managers to receive such an academic degree. Personally it’s kept me on top of the industry in Denmark, and it opens doors with new clients. I am certain that the way my company is growing right now has a lot to do with the knowledge gained from studying at Bucks.”

Morten Therkildsen
Event Safety Consultant
ConCom Safety (Denmark)

We would like to thank the sponsors and associates of the ICCMSS: