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Simulation Suites

Our Uxbridge Campus in West London is the home of our Nursing and Advanced Health Science courses where our students have the opportunity to learn in contemporary clinical simulation environments.

These simulation suites are available to hire. We can work with you to develop a bespoke course for your organisation or you can hire the venue to deliver your own training.

Uxbridge Campus

  • Three adult simulation labs set up as a clinical ward, one with three beds and two with four beds. This can be configured to be one 11 bed clinical ward setting with a nurses station.
  • An Accident & Emergency/Intensive Therapy Unit simulation lab with ceiling hoist, hand basin and bath.
  • A community area with hand basin, toilet, bath bed plus a floor and ceiling hoist.
  • A paediatric/Neonatal simulation lab including two beds, one cot and a resuscitaire.
  • Outpatient Simulation Room  (consulting room with couch, desk, two chairs)
  • An Operating theatre with Eschmann bed and scrubbing facilities. 
  •  A three bed recovery/High Dependency Unit
  • Two 12 seater rooms that double as viewing galleries/debrief rooms, with large TV screen
  • A counselling room with viewing gallery.

High Wycombe

  • Two adult simulation labs with 4 beds each set up as adult wards - can be configured to be one large 8 bed clinical ward setting.
  • Living room simulation with viewing gallery suitable for community home visiting or counselling sessions.

We have four mobile CCTV/SMOTS cameras, plus all simulation rooms have fixed ceiling OHP’s. We have a range of industry standard mid and high fidelity Mannequins and patient simulators, scrub sinks and disposable clinical equipment*.

We have a team of technicians* that can assist with scenarios and can also offer moulage to assist with the authenticity of the real life simulation. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Contact info
To hire for training –
To hire for filming –

Tel: 01494 522141 ext 4413

All labs have Infrared hearing loops, large-screen projection for PowerPoint and/or video presentations, flip charts and laptop connection. We also have the equipment to stream live audio/video.

*Technicians and consumables at an extra charge.
Please download this pdf document for information on room sizes and charges.

Scotia Medical Observation and Training system (SMOTS)
Each camera comprises a 360-degree pan tilt zoom with a highly sensitive microphone and directional loudspeaker. The tutor can direct the trainee or patient. These can be recorded or viewed in a teaching room.

All suites have tv displays which allow simultaneous observation of training. The output can be displayed in any of the skills suites or lecture theatres.